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They kicked out a child with a disability from the beach

The expulsion of a 13-year-old person with a disability from Agia Triada beach in Paralimni is being reported by their parents.

According to a complaint they sent to Commissioners and relevant authorities, which is also held by “F,” a few days ago, they visited the beach, and there, for an insignificant and unreasonable reason as they describe it, the person responsible for their sunbeds and umbrellas verbally and physically attacked them, threatened them, and forced them to leave.

“We are a family of five, and our eldest son, aged 13, has disabilities. On 23/08/23, we visited Agia Triada beach around 12:00, which was crowded. There was only one available beach chair for disabled individuals, which we moved slightly to the left to be able to get our 13-year-old into the water. While the father was swimming with his three children, he noticed that there was a disturbance on the shore.”

The municipal official shouted, stating that the sunbeds could not be moved. Ignoring the explanations from the mother, he demanded that they move their belongings since they couldn’t use the sunbed anymore. He grabbed the sunbed and hit it on the ground.

The father, thinking it was a misunderstanding, tried to talk to the municipal worker, who continued to shout. ‘I presented the reasons why we needed the sunbed, but he remained stubborn and kept diverting. Due to his behavior and considering my family, I decided to leave. This man started to follow me. He yelled and continuously threatened that he would hit me if I dared to touch any sunbed. When I approached my family, he grabbed my left arm and attempted to push me twice. I pushed my hand away, stating that he had no right to touch me. He replied that he didn’t care if he lost his job or faced consequences because he would hit me.’

The other two children, aged 11 and 5, began to cry and asked to leave. The family called the police, who arrived at the scene and took statements.

On the other hand, the Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis, informed ‘F’ that he would personally investigate the complaint. If any wrongdoing has occurred, he stated that the appropriate measures would be taken.”

Source: Φilenews

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