Terms & Conditions of AbleCard

Ablebook Ltd, a non-profit organization under the Cyprus Company Registrar and Jurisdiction with registration number HE402536. The Company’s headquarters are located in Agiou Fanouriou 1, Aradippou, 7102, Larnaca, Cyprus and is a Company incorporated and registered in the Republic of Cyprus under Cyprus Company Law.

1. Definitions:

These Terms & Conditions include the following definitions:

Digital Loyalty Card: it’s an identity card issued by the Company (Ablebook Ltd) to its members as part of a consumer incentive scheme, whereby discounts are accumulated for specific members of the scheme such as restaurants, coffee shops and other related shops.

Company: it means Ablebook Ltd, with register office at Agiou Fanouriou 1, Aradippou, 7102, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Members: it is the registered Members of the Loyalty Card Scheme who create an account and hold the digital Loyalty Card.

Terms: The following Terms & Conditions and any amendments thereof.

The use of the Digital Loyalty Card requires the unreserved acceptance of the following Terms of use, which apply to the entire content, graphics, images, photos and files contained therein. The user of the Digital Loyalty Card must, therefore, read these Terms carefully before visiting or using it. If these are not accepted, the user should terminate the use of the Digital Loyalty Card or any of its content.

The following Terms are to be read and enforced together with the Company’s Privacy Policy located at https://ablebook.com.cy/. Use of your personal information is governed by the Company’s Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms.

2. Introduction:

2.1. The terms regulate all the operations carried out through the Loyalty Card Scheme. The Terms apply to the use of your account within the application of Ablebook Ltd and govern the relationship between the Company and the Members.

2.2. The aim of the Loyalty Card Scheme to reward Company’s Members with special discounts and/or offers while carrying out promotions, as well as to inform Members about products and services of the Company as these set out in the Terms.

2.3. The Terms can be accessed anytime through the application and can also be found Company’s website at https://ablebook.com.cy/ .

2.4. The Discounts are only locally valid, i.e., within the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. In ordered to redeem the discount the Digital Loyalty card must be showcased.

2.5. The Loyalty Card Scheme is only valid for Ablebook Ltd registered Members.

2.6. Eligible Members for the Loyalty Card Scheme are Persons with disabilities as defined in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which refers exclusively to persons with long-term impairments.

3. General use of the Loyalty Card Scheme:

3.1. You may use the Loyalty Card Scheme for personal and lawful use in accordance with these Terms and you are not allowed to cope or use any material from the application and/or the Loyalty Card for any commercial purposes.

3.2. You must use the information and data contained in the application and/or the Loyalty Card in a lawful manner and consistent with good faith and fair practice. In the opposite case, you undertake the responsibility to restore any damage that may be cause to us by your unlawful or improper use.

3.3. You are also prohibited from entering any malicious software or data into our app in any way, which could possibly alter the appearance and completeness of the data and organization of the app. In such a case, we reserve the right to take any appropriate legal measures to restore any damage that may be sustained.

3.4. The content of the App (indicatively referred to trademarks, images, photos, drawing, graphics, services provided, and generally all the files of this app) are our intellectual property, registered trademarks and services marks and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Cyprus Law, European Law and the international treaties. None of them may be, therefore, wholly or partly sold, copied, amended, reproduced, republished or transmitted or distributed in any way. 

3.5. The intellectual property in all materials on the App which is supplied by the Loyalty Card Scheme is owned by the Company (Ablebook Ltd).

4. Eligibility and Account Creation Procedure:

4.1. To be eligible to create an account in the App you must be over 18 years old, or you can use an eligible registered third party.

4.2. Accounts within the App shall be created and issued to natural persons only, with a set fee amount for the creation of the Loyalty Card.

4.3. The Account of each new Member of the App is strictly individual and cannot be transferred to another individual. Each Member will be, therefore, will be provided the Discounts, which will correspond to their own purchases.

4.4. Registration to the Loyalty Card Scheme is done electronically, by the Member downloading the App and inputting the information needed to create an account on the online application form on the App.

4.5. A prerequisite of successful registration is to fill in all the required fields of the application form, accept the Terms and acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the Loyalty Card Scheme without any justification. In the event of an applicant submitting false information to us, the applicant is liable for any misconduct towards the Company.

4.6. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your personal details which are provided through the initial registration form when you create an account within the App. To update your personal details, you can make all necessary changes in your profile within the App or by sending an email to info@ablebook.com.cy.

5. Features of the App:

5.1. The App can be used to collect Discounts through the Loyalty Card Scheme which is within the Company’s App.

5.2. The Discounts are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit and will have no cash value.

5.3. The Discounts can be redeemed for the purchase of specific products from the list of restaurants, coffee shops, or any other related company offered by the Card.

5.4. The Discounts cannot be transferred or used between Members or any other individuals.

6. Other Features:

6.1. Through the App, you will be able to locate the abovementioned shop included in the Scheme and get directions via smartphone maps per area according to their services.

7. Cancelation of Account:

7.1. You may delete your subscription and/or account by contacting us and requesting the deletion of your account by sending us an email at info@ablebook.com.cy.

7.2. Your App account shall be deleted within 10 working days from your request.

7.3. We shall not be liable to you for any direct or indirect, existing or future losses connected to the termination or deletion of the Account and/or Loyalty Card Scheme.

8. Suspension and Termination of Services:

8.1. We may suspend the operation of the App for repair or maintenance work or in order to update or upgrade the contents of functionality of the App from time to time. Access to or use of the App or pages linked to it will not necessarily be unerupted.

8.2. We reserve the right to decide to suspend or discontinue access to part or the entire App at our discretion.

8.3. In the event that we suspend or discontinue access to part of or the entire App, we will be giving a week’s notice to redeem your available Discounts.

9. Discounts Offered:

9.1. The Loyalty Card Scheme give you’re the possibility, but no obligation to redeem the available Discounts set on the App.

9.2. A list of specific restaurants, coffee shops, and other related entities can be found within the App. In addition, the total of Discounts can also be found within the App.

9.3. We reserve the right to change or amend the Discounts available on the App at our absolute discretion without your prior consent or notification. Such amendments shall be published within the App.

10. Liability:

10.1. You agree to use our App and upon registration our Loyalty Card Scheme on daily basis. On that basis, except as expressly set out in these Terms and in accordance with your statutory rights, we do not enter into conditions, warranties or other terms in relation to the App or the Loyalty Card Scheme or any guaranteed or predicted result by using the App or the Scheme.

10.2. We shall not be liable for failure to company with these Terms due to any event that is beyond its reasonable control, including (without limitation) the input of wrong information by any Member.

10.3. To the Extend permitted by the law, we, our employees and agents shall be liable for any claims, losses, damages, injuries, costs and expenses (whether direct, indirect or consequential) suffered, sustained or incurred as a result of, or arising out of, or in any way connected with the App and/or use of any Discounts.

10.4. We shall not be liable for the products offered or gained or purchased through the App. For any defects of the products gained through the Discounts, contact the Company as mentioned in this Terms & Conditions at info@ablebook.com.cy.

11. Applicable Law:

11.1. The Terms are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

11.2. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and the applicable law, applicable law shall prevail.

12. Other Terms:

12.1. We may amend, withdraw, suspend and/or interrupt the Schemes or any part thereof at any time, in our sole discretion without notice.

12.2. These terms can be amended from time to time without notice and any changes will take effect immediately upon publication on our website at https://ablebook.com.cy/or at the Terms in this App. The amended Terms will appear in the form of a notification once you use the App.

12.3. If any provision of these Terms is found to be unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of any other provision.

12.4. We may delay enforcing our rights under these Terms without forfeiting them.

12.5. You agree that we might sub-contract the performance of any of our obligation or may assign these Terms or any of our rights or obligation without giving you any notice.

12.6. If you have any inquiries or complaints (about the App or the Loyalty Card Scheme), please address them to info@ablebook.com.cy.