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Japan: The café where employees work remotely

The accessible, barrier-free floor of the café is filled with robotic staff. Kentaro Yoshifuji needed to be hospitalized multiple times and for extended periods when he was a student and couldn’t go to school.   This experience inspired him to study robotics and “use technology to improve the lives of people who were unable to participate physically either in

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At the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, Maria Markou

At the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, Maria Markou, a Paralympic champion in bench press weightlifting, will participate. According to a post by the Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO) on Facebook, “Our Paralympic champion in bench press weightlifting has secured her ticket through the World Rankings and will compete again in the world’s premier sporting event.” It is added that Maria Markou will be the third member of the Cypriot delegation, after Karolina Pelendritou and Victor Pentara, to participate in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. “Congratulations,” concludes the CSO post.

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Infocredit Group Honored with Gold Award at the Cyprus Responsible Business Awards 2023

Infocredit Group is thrilled to announce its recognition at the Cyprus Responsible Business Awards 2023, organized by Boussias. The company proudly secured the esteemed Gold award. The awards ceremony was held yesterday at Galu Seaside in Larnaca. The Cyprus Responsible Business Awards 2023 recognize and reward best practices in supporting society. Infocredit Group’s constant support for Ablebook played a pivotal role in this achievement. Infocredit Group claimed the Gold award in the “Society” category, underscoring its steadfast commitment to social responsibility and community support. Theodoros Kringou, CEO of Infocredit Group, commented on the award: “We are honored to receive this

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Cyprus without sustainable mobility: ‘I can’t even go to the kiosk.’

Title: Miranda Lysandrou Even a ten-year-old child knows that the word “sidewalk” is a compound word derived from the words for “pedestrian” and “road.” Pedestrian-road… The road for pedestrians. Not for cars, otherwise, we would call it a parking space; not for bicycles, otherwise, it would be called a bike path; not for scooters, trash cans, trees, and other obstacles. It is the space for pedestrians. It rightfully belongs to them. And no one has the right to take it over. We all park on sidewalks. Let’s admit it. Without even feeling guilty. Wherever they exist and are functional, that

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11-Year-Old with Deafness Cured by Gene Therapy in the USA

Several studies with this type of therapy are already underway or being planned worldwide. An eleven-year-old boy who was born deaf can now hear thanks to a special gene therapy, according to American reports. The boy from Morocco was the first person in the USA to receive gene therapy, which is still in the experimental stage, at a children’s hospital in the metropolis of Philadelphia on the East Coast, reported the New York Times, citing the hospital and the involved companies. However, the therapy does not mean that the boy can now understand language and speak on his own: he

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Ocean Basket Restaurants Now on the Ablebook App

Ablebook is launching a new collaboration with Ocean Basket restaurants, incorporating their 9 restaurants into its platform. This partnership aims to provide all relevant information and services concerning accessibility for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups. Ablebook is an innovative app available on Android and iOS devices, targeting the improvement of accessibility and support for individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable groups by offering information and services that facilitate their daily lives.  Ocean Basket restaurants provide ramps at their entrances, accessible toilets for people with disabilities, and vegan options. Through our collaboration, app users visiting Ocean Basket can get information

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The Parliament puts a halt to the increase in fines for parking in disabled spaces

The overwhelming majority of the Parliament rejected a proposed law to increase the extrajudicial fine for parking in parking spaces designated for disabled persons by non-entitled individuals, from €300 as it stands today to €500. Four members of Parliament voted in favor, 35 against, with one abstention. The relevant proposal was submitted by MP Andreas Apostolou of the EDEK party. The proposal that was rejected also provided that in case of repetition of the offense, the person who illegally parked would be subject to prosecution, with provisions for imprisonment for up to one year and/or a fine of up to

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European Accessibility Forum: It will take at least four years for the European Disability Card to become a reality.

The card aims to facilitate the exercise of the right to free movement. The European Disability Card, which will ensure common rights for people with disabilities in EU countries, is expected to take at least four years to become a reality. The issue of the European Disability Card was already raised in 2009 through the European Accessibility Forum by its president, Ioannis Vardakastanis, who is also the president of the National Confederation of Disabled People (ESAMEA).  

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Eight small buses equipped with wheelchair access hit the roads – National Strategy for Disability coming soon (images)

Eight small buses equipped with wheelchair seating were delivered today, and the National Strategy for Disability will soon be submitted to the Cabinet. These vehicles, which include provisions for people with disabilities, were given to the “Apostolos Loukas” Special School in Limassol, the “Apostolos Varnavas” Special School in Liopetri, the “Apostolos Pavlos” Private Center for people with intellectual disabilities in Liopetri, the “Evangelismos” Special School in Geri, the Ministry of Education for Secondary Education, and the Social Welfare Services of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare. At the delivery event were the Minister of Transport, Alexis Vafeadis, and the Deputy

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Special Education to Undergo Changes in September

The Ministry of Education is ready to delve even deeper into the chapter of Special Education in its effort to implement actions and policies that truly reflect inclusive and unified education in practice. As “Ph” is informed, from the new school year these issues will take center stage for the responsible Ministry of Education, which has developed a specific plan. Already, some points that have been included in the plans have been recently implemented, according to a responsible source from the Ministry of Education.

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