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Free guided tour for people with mobility disabilities in the historic center of Nicosia

The Tourism Development and Promotion Company (ETAP) of the Nicosia Region, in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and the Nicosia Municipality, are organizing a free guided tour for people with mobility disabilities in the historic center of Nicosia. The tour will take place on Saturday 3/12 at 10 am, with a meeting point in front of the steps of the old Nicosia City Hall in Eleftherias Square and will last approximately one and a half hours. The free guided tour will take place in Greek, while those interested are invited to register by calling 22889741 no

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Charity bazaar from Mck handmade soaps store

For the 5th year, the Mck handmade soaps store will organize a charity bazaar on Sunday, November 27 at 3:30 p.m. in the store. The purpose of the event is to offer financial support to A Dream a Wish thus adding another little stone that will make some children smile. The event will be presented by Vassiliki Hatziadamou, where there will also be an artistic program that will be undertaken by the dance schools Dancing Art, Horokrama and Kangoo Jumps. You will also be sampled by the Karaiskaki Foundation. We are waiting for you all together to support this move

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My life in a wheelchair…

When we hear the word “children” we imagine children running carelessly here and there, their laughter joining the wind. But there are also children, who smile but… have two legs. These children who at a tender age are called to realize that they will not run like other children their age. I was one of them. So I, like many people with disabilities, had to deal with the difficulties that accompany cerebral palsy. Having been born with a disability, I was forced to “grow up” early. The realization that my legs will never obey me was and is the greatest

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Ablebook Event 23/10 – “Ablebook App for an Accessible City”

The success of our event on Sunday 23/10 was huge!! In Limassol Marina, we have gathered organizations of disabled people, our friends and sponsors to inform the public about our problems and bring them closer to the aim of our mobile application “Ablebook”. With many activities and a pleasant atmosphere, we together highlighted the difficulties we face daily! So first off, we’d like to give our heartfelt thanks to all the organisations that were present: Pancypriot Association of Multiple Sclerosis Pancypriot Association for People with Autism Cyprus ADHD Association Yparxo – Training and rehabilitation centre ForPeopleTM Pancyproit Organization for the

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Ablebook App for an Accessible City

Ablebook on October 23, at 15:00 at the Limassol Marina, organizes an informational event on the problems faced by people with any form of disability, at the same time presenting the Ablebook App and how this application contributes to an accessible society for all. The event will be attended by representatives of various associations of people with disabilities, who will have the opportunity to inform the public about the problems of each group separately. At the event, activities simulating movement and access difficulties will be held, through which we will highlight how difficult it is for a person with a

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KYSOA: Calls for uniform education with equal participation of children with disabilities – Protest events

The Cypriot Confederation of Disabled Organizations (CYSOA) requests from the Republic of Cyprus to take effective measures to promote uniform education that includes the right to equal participation of children with disabilities at all levels of the school process and the school environment. As stated in a statement, KYSOA will hold a press conference-protest on the issue on October 10, at 9:00 a.m., while protests will also take place at the District Education Offices. KYSOA requests from the State, legislation that really implements uniform education with an in-depth reformation of the education system and abandoning the outdated segregation system of

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The parents of children with disabilities are calling out

Parents of children with disabilities are preparing to stage a protest to claim their children’s inalienable right to universal education Outraged parents of children with disabilities and special educational needs or special learning difficulties are preparing to take to the streets to find their right. The problem is found in the plans presented by the Ministry of Education to parents for special education. At the beginning of August, at the conference presented by the Ministry of Education on the subject of special education, the Cyprus Federation of Organizations of the Disabled (KYSOA), the ADHD Association and the “Embrace of Hope”

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Social reform is coming to ensure the rights of the disabled

Three law proposals submitted to Parliament attempt to amend the Minimum Guaranteed Income and Social Benefits Law in general so that it protects the rights of the disabled. At the same time, the Ministry of Social Welfare is in the process of establishing a legislative framework in order to guarantee 100% the rights of people with disabilities regardless of the type of disability. At the same time, what is clarified by the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, the legislation in question, which is undergoing reform, will not come to exclude existing legislation concerning the rights of the disabled. The reason

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