The aim of “AbleTalks” is to bring to the fore the problems and stories of people with disabilities in Cyprus, in order to raise public awareness and give voice to their expectations from the relevant bodies while encouraging other people with disabilities to come out. and become part of a collective society.


introduction episode

Welcome to "AbleTalks"

Andreas Vasileiou, CEO, and Symeon Stylianou, CBO, undertake a comprehensive analysis of the concept that underlies Ablebook, highlighting the rationale behind the inception of AbleTalks. Furthermore, Mrs. Farah Shammas, Managing Director of St Raphael Resort and Marina, provides insights into her collaboration with Ablebook within the framework of this initiative.

episode 1

Maria Markou

In the first episode, Maria Markou, an athlete of the Cypriot National Paralympic Team, is welcomed in the competition of weightlifting on a bench. Maria describes her journey to the Paralympics, comments on the daily problems faced by the disabled and vulnerable groups and how the state should act to solve these problems.

episode 2

Yioula Pitsiali

In Episode 2, we welcome Yioula Pisitali, a mother of three children, one of whom has a disability. Yioula is the President of the Pancyprian Organization for Cerebral Palsy and other Disabilities, “Agkalia Elpidas,” an activist in human rights issues, and an insurance advisor. Yioula shares with us the experiences and struggles she faced for her son in the field of education at the primary and secondary levels.

episode 3

Antonis Arestis

In Episode 3, we welcome Antonis Arestis, Antonis Arestis was born on February 15, 1983, and is a former Cypriot track and field athlete. At the age of just three, he was hit by a passing vehicle while attempting to cross the road, resulting in injuries to his left hand. He started participating in sports from a young age, mainly in school competitions and long-distance running events. He also competed in events as a member of the national team of Cyprus. Additionally, the former track and field athlete emerged as a Paralympian in Beijing in September 2008, winning two silver medals.

episode 4

Mixalis Pavlidis

In episode 4, we welcome Michalis Pavlidis, born in Limassol to refugee parents, who was involved in track and field from elementary school until the day of the accident. At the age of 17, he was involved in a car accident as a passenger in a vehicle not using seat belts, resulting in a spinal cord injury and paralysis. Following the accident, he focused on wheelchair basketball, participating in various championships and engaging in sports activities tailored to his needs.