About us

Who and What?

AbleBook is one of the startup innovative companies in Cyprus, where it successfully passed all stages of the IDEA Innovation Center program.

By establishing Ablebook, the team and its supporters aim to create an online platform with applications that will improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and by extension vulnerable groups, allowing them to participate in society and enjoy the same opportunities and have access to social goods.

Our goal

Public Awareness

Through this platform, an attempt is made to continuously raise public awareness of the problems faced by people with disabilities as well as to promote innovative solutions to reduce and solve these problems and the difficulties encountered in the effort to integrate the disabled as equal members of society.

The reason


The exclusion and “special” treatment experienced by people with disabilities (PWDs) are considered among the most serious social issues. The existence of social exclusion violates the human rights of the disabled and deprives them of an important part of their value.

The reason for the beginning of this initiative was the identification of the difficult and sometimes impossible access and movement of the disabled in both public and private spaces. In addition, we have noticed that there is a general gap in informing society about the problems these people face. That is why we seek through this application to properly and correctly inform the world about everything related to the disabled.

Finally, through the experiential experiences of Andreas Vassiliou, a member of our group and a person with a disability, we could better understand the gap that exists regarding the access of the disabled to society.

This is how the idea for the implementation of a platform was created. With the help of technology, our goal is in any way to facilitate the daily life of people with disabilities in our country and to give them the motivation to become equal, active members of society


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Our team

Ablebook Members


Symeon Stylianou

Founder & CEO

Andreas Vasiliou