Accessibility to extra benefits

AbleCard is a membership card that provides its holders with various additional benefits from our in-app partners. This card will be available exclusively to disabled people with a small annual fee.

Main purpose

Enabling people with disabilities

In our country, we understand that people with disabilities cannot equally enjoy some of the social goods. So in our turn through AppleCard we want to enable people with disabilities by providing them with some additional privileges from our business partners, such as discounts on the products and services they provide


Get the AbleCard

Access to discounts

Holders can enjoy various discounts

First mobile application in Cyprus that provides information around accessibility.

User-friendly environment

Multiple selections of location categories (filters) based on the user requirements. (Based on their disability)

Access to 19 location categories

1200 parking spaces for people with disabilities.

A way to illustrate the number of locations which are provided in each category. (Restaurants, hotels, beaches, museums, parks etc.) - Here we want to have access to changing the numbers.

Access to offers (number of companies that giving offers through the AbleCard)

How it works

Get the AbleCard

Users through the Ablebook mobile app are able to activate their AppleCard membership card. Users must first register by filling in their details and uploading a photo from their EU disability card or disabled parking card (back). After validating the details, they will be sent a link for online payment.

Ablebook app

The Ablebook app informs individuals with any sort of disability of places with easy access and use.