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Promoting Accessibility: The Collaboration Between Ablebook and Buyway365 for Cashback Service through AbleCard

We are pleased to announce a significant collaboration we have developed with Buyway365 and introduce a new service that will be available to you, our customers, in our Ablebook app.

The partnership between Ablebook and Buyway365 concerns the Cashback service through the AbleCard platform. Specifically, Ablebook provides a service within the Ablebook app called AbleCard. AbleCard is a membership card exclusively for people with disabilities (PWDs), where businesses featured in the application offer additional privileges to these individuals. Buyway365 is a cashback app, an innovative platform where members benefit from discounts in the form of cashback to the credit/debit card they used for their purchases from participating businesses.

Thus, the cashback service provided by Buyway365 will be integrated with the AbleCard service from Ablebook, with a significant difference. Users with disabilities (PWDs) of the Ablebook application will enroll in the AbleCard service from Buyway365. User information will be verified to confirm that they are indeed PWDs, and they will have immediate access to the above service. The difference is that PWD users of the above service will receive additional discounts (a higher percentage) from businesses participating in the AbleCard program of Buyway365 compared to what is provided in the Buyway365 application.

Activation Steps for AbleCard:

Step 1: Download the Ablebook application.

Step 2: Register for AbleCard and upload your European Disability Card or Blue Badge Parking Card for eligibility verification.

Step 3: After receiving a confirmation email as an approved member of AbleCard, download the BuyWay365 application.

Step 4: Use the special promo code: ABLE – Activate your card and get additional cashback.

The purpose of creating this feature is to improve accessibility and the well-being of people with disabilities (PWDs) in Cyprus. The collaboration between Ablebook and Buyway365 in the Cashback service through the AbleCard platform aims to offer additional privileges and discounts to PWD users of the Ablebook app. The result is the promotion of accessibility, the facilitation of the daily lives of PWDs, and the enhancement of their social inclusion.

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