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Ocean Basket Restaurants Now on the Ablebook App

Ablebook is launching a new collaboration with Ocean Basket restaurants, incorporating their 9 restaurants into its platform. This partnership aims to provide all relevant information and services concerning accessibility for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

Ablebook is an innovative app available on Android and iOS devices, targeting the improvement of accessibility and support for individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable groups by offering information and services that facilitate their daily lives. 

Ocean Basket restaurants provide ramps at their entrances, accessible toilets for people with disabilities, and vegan options. Through our collaboration, app users visiting Ocean Basket can get information about the accessible restaurants and request assistance if needed by contacting the responsible persons at the restaurant. This way, everyone can enjoy their meals and moments without barriers.

Our partnership with Ocean Basket restaurants is another step towards a more equal and open society for all. By offering facilities and services that meet the needs of people with disabilities, Ocean Basket positively contributes to social progress and solidarity.

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