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Ablebook Event 23/10 – “Ablebook App for an Accessible City”

The success of our event on Sunday 23/10 was huge!!

In Limassol Marina, we have gathered organizations of disabled people, our friends and sponsors to inform the public about our problems and bring them closer to the aim of our mobile application “Ablebook”.

With many activities and a pleasant atmosphere, we together highlighted the difficulties we face daily!

So first off, we’d like to give our heartfelt thanks to all the organisations that were present:

  1. Pancypriot Association of Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Pancypriot Association for People with Autism
  3. Cyprus ADHD Association
  4. Yparxo – Training and rehabilitation centre
  5. ForPeopleTM
  6. Pancyproit Organization for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons of Limassol
  7. Association of Myopaths of Cyprus

Next, we would like to thank those who supported us by any means, financially or morally, but above all we want to thank the President of the Parliament Mrs Annita Dimitriou who placed the event under her auspices, Mrs Fotini Tsiridou Member of Parliament of Limassol who attended as a representative of the President of the Parliament and the two MPs of Limassol Mrs Marina Nikolaou and Mr Efthimios Diplaros for their presence at the event. In addition, we thank Marina Limassol for the perfect hospitality and for providing the space to hold our event. At the same time, “Radio Proto” and the “Dias” Group for the promotion of our event, before and after on the radio and on the television station “Sigma”.

The event and all the activities were musically accompanied by our friend Andreas Voskos-

Finally, the event was a collective effort of Ablebook, our sponsors and supporters.

Thank you in detail:

The Gold sponsors.

  1. EKO
  2. Bank of Cyprus
  3. Polyclinic YGIA Private Hospital

The silver sponsors

  1. McDonalds Cyprus
  2. Infocredit Group
  3. Future Health Biobank

The supporters

  1. Olympia Gardidges
  2. A/FOI Mylonas – Italos
  3. M. Liperi Private Computer Institute
  4. Studio Bagno
  5. Jamie Oliver Kitchen
  6. Tavernaki Marina’s Restaurant
  7. Wagamama
  8. Caffè Nero
  9. HOBO – Mediterraneo café & restaurant
  10. Oxygono
  11. Reisswolf

For more photos from the event you can find them on our Facebook page at the link below.

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