How to make an effective antiseptic at home with 2 materials yourself

With the outbreak of coronavirus and the declaration of the situation as a pandemic, the need for cleanliness and disinfection has grown more than ever. This is also one of the most important ways to guard against it and finally begin to limit its spread.

Because of the situation, of course, people are hurrying to get disinfectant from every possible store and this, as it stands, has led to shortages in most places.

The good thing is that there is a way to make antiseptic at home, using some materials that are easy to procure, so we have an alternative if our ready-made options are over.

You’ll need:

1 tsp Alcohol with 99% alcohol content

3 tbsp. Aloe vera in gel form

Manufacturing process:

Check that the container you selected is clean and secures airtight with a lid. Then, in a bowl mix the two parts of alcohol with one part of aloe gel very well until they are homogenized. Then transfer the contents of the bowl to the container and close it tightly with the lid.

Extra tip: If you like, you can also add a few drops (1-2) of essential oil to the mixture, which helps to hydrate the skin. Some of the oils are even known for their soothing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, such as cinnamon and teapot essential oil.

Remember, however, that antiseptic cannot completely replace traditional hand washing, so we should not neglect regular hand washing as directed by the Ministry of Health.