All-Star 9-year-old bullying victim: “The best day of his life”

Next to his favorite players in the Australian rugby national All-Stars team was the 9-year-old who moved millions of people, following a video demanding that he die due to bullying.

In the video, taken by the boy’s mother when he went to pick him up from school, and he got into a car crying with tears, the young Quaden, suffering from lunacy, appears to ask his mother to bring him a rope to hangs up because he wants to die because of the bullying he receives at school.

Actor Hugh Jackman and NBA player Ones Canter are two of hundreds of thousands of people, including Australian athletes and celebrities, who have been posting messages of support for the 9-year-old boy and donations for a trip to Disneyland.

And today, the 9-year-old first joined the Indigenous All-Stars rugby team for their match against the Maori All Stars, held in Queensland. Quaden entered the stadium holding team captain Joel Thompson by hand, with those there cheering him on. After posing with the players, he then held the ball before giving it to the team to start the game against the Maori All-Stars.

His mother said her son, who dreams of becoming a rugby player, “lived the best day of his life.” Quaden Bayles suffers from the most common type of nancy called achondroplasia. In the video, posted by his mother, the child appears to say: “Give me a rope, I want to commit suicide. I want to stab my heart, I want someone to kill me. ”

The mother shared the video, writing, “These are the effects of bullying. I do not know what else to do”. She explained that she raised it to inform people about the effects of bullying on her child. “I have a son who almost every day wants to commit suicide,” he says in the video.