Speech by the public of Chalkida and should be a concern by the psychologist Andreas Kolisoglou

Andreas Kolisoglou taught us in his own separate way the difficulties that people with disabilities face on a daily basis. He showed us a sample of accessibility and asked “if those who built this relatively new building did not have someone in their family with a disability or had his leg broken.”

As the building did not have the necessary standards for people with disabilities, Andrew was forced to drop to four so that he could descend the stairs and climb to the podium.

He pointed out that “this is modern Greece” but we also see such phenomena in Cyprus.

As he said after finishing his mountaineering, he began to analyze the lives of people with disabilities and whether they were acceptable to the wider community. During his speech, he asked the following questions in order to bombard each of us with these concerns.

“Do you have a disabled person in your family environment, in your family? What do you feel when you think of people with disabilities, accept them, see them as equals, consider them active members of society? “He also asked a question to local government managers,” How many people with disabilities do they have in their capacity to use them as disability counselors? “. But he didn’t get any answer to his last question, because just nobody does it.

The examples given by Andreas illustrate equality between people with disabilities is a utopia.

He then asks a plausible question about women who are pregnant and undergo prenatal screening to verify the health of the fetus and whether she is likely to be born with any disability. He said doctors when they diagnose the fetus as having any disability recommend terminating the pregnancy. In this way democracy is not guaranteed, but racism is reinforced.

Later in his speech he referred to visits to schools in Chalkida where he noticed that there were no students with disabilities in the schools. The reason they didn’t exist is not because they have eliminated people with disabilities from the area, but because they do not have the proper standards to allow these students to study properly.

We should all take on our responsibilities to people with disabilities and deliver them to a society more friendly and accessible to all.


Η ομιλία που καθήλωσε το κοινό της Χαλκίδας και θα πρέπει να προβληματίσει, από τον ψυχολόγο Ανδρέα Κολίσογλου Ανδρέας Κολίσογλου (Andreas Kolisoglou)

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