Lamia: In prison the Father-Monster raping his underage daughter



The 58-year-old father of a village in Evritania, who has been accused of neglecting his minor daughter and his mentally retarded daughter for nearly three years, was not released from prison, as the Lamia Mixed Circuit Court found him unanimously guilty.

In particular, the 58-year-old was charged, according to, with felony acts of abuse of a resisting sexual act, seduction of a minor and sexual intercourse between consecutive relatives.

The Court accepted by majority (4-3 minorities and President Vassilopoulos) the request of the 58-year-old defense lawyer, appointed by his own motion, Sophias Stavrakis, to be recognized as the first lawful life-sentence in the case. the size of the sentence is eight years in prison. His appeal, however, did not have suspensive effect, a proposal that passed with a 6-1 vote (a jury voted down). In fact, the 58-year-old will be able to appeal according to his lawyer.

This means that the 58-year-old will be sent to prison for what is described in the pages of the case file that took place from June 2012 to summer 2015. In particular, he allegedly forced his little girl to watch porn with him and call him a “baby” my”. He would then put it on a striptease before committing his ill acts, “insulting repeatedly the protected good of childhood purity, sexual freedom and family order.”

Before the tribunal, the defendant’s brother and sister argued that the 58-year-old could never do such a thing, and his 20-year-old daughter, now, said she did not remember exactly what police had said at the time and that no such thing had happened. things.

The prosecutor, George Petros, however, was a catapult, noting that the girl could not give so much detail about things she did not live up to, demanding the defendant’s guilt. “By adjudicating this case, we have a responsibility to society and a responsibility not to let the wolf guard the sheep,” said Political Aid Constantinou Passios.

“The defendant’s allegations will be repeated before the Lamia Mixed Court of Appeals, where the appeal will be discussed in the second instance,” Ms Stavrakis said after the verdict was announced. The girl is still supported by the Karpenisi Mental Health Center.