The first person with obvious disabilities to present a weather report to the BBC



Her name is Lucy Martin and she is 29 years old. I zapped and fell on the BBC. For a second I thought: “What a peculiar, they have a presenter with half a hand” and then I thought, “What a strange, first time I see a television presenter / presenter with a visible disability”.


Really, I don’t remember ever seeing a person with a temporary disability, having a hand twitch, let’s say, and having a bandage.

Lucy Martin has been working for the BBC since 2015, after responding to an advertisement for “people with disabilities interested in meteorology and the environment”.

She was born with a half right hand, but did not feel that she was obstructing something. From a young age, she made other children her age, and even in kindergarten, help other classmates to tie their shoelaces or cut their food.

Her parents tried twice to put her prosthetic hand on her, but she let go of both because she considered it uncomfortable, heavy and unnecessary. He had a bachelor’s degree in geography and had just applied for a job at the BBC immediately, but thought he would end up working in an office. In the end, her disability was what gave her a sought after and theoretically unlikely place.

For the story, when the BBC’s announcement came out, it was accused of “terminating political correctness” as it did not clear any formal qualifications for the post, but only disability. The BBC had defended itself, saying that the position it offered was for education and would certainly not lead to the position of presenter.

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