No discount for early payment of fines for those who park on disabled ramps



There will be no deduction in the early payment of a fine for drivers who park in places for people with disabilities or block access ramps for people with disabilities in the Road Traffic Code provisions included in the waterways bill. It is noted that for these offenders, a license plate and diploma removal is provided for 60 days.

On the contrary, for most of the other offenders the favorable provision of a 50% reduction in the fine remains to be paid within 10 days.

At the same time the bill contains the provision for a temporary driving license until the final license is issued. According to the Kathimerini, however, the validity of the provisional leave cannot exceed four months.

The granting of this license makes it easier for third-country drivers to drive in the Greek territory, given that the current status permits holders of a valid driving license, such as Chinese tourists, who are not explicitly mentioned in the bill.

The bill also includes a provision for fines ranging from 5,000 euros to 1 million euros and to concessionaires in the event of traffic congestion on any part of the primary and secondary highways for more than one hour in the wake of the hail created. on December 30, when thousands of drivers were trapped in a snowstorm on the Athens-Lamia highway.

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