A family in Volos adopted two children with disabilities

A mother with two children was yesterday honored by the Parents-Guardians & Friends Association of N. Magnesia at the pie cutting event for the long-term care of two children with disabilities of 9 and 3 months respectively.

Two kindergartens were awarded at the event, which took part in the action “Disability and access to the future without obstacles”.

The president of the Parents-Guardians & Friends Association of the Prefecture of Magnesia Mr. Rania Karanikola noted that “it is a special day and we are happy to participate in the” Disability and Access to the Future Without Barriers “action at the 3rd Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten in Melissa. Kids with very nice colors have painted and depicted different positions of children with disabilities and the way they think or imagine that they can help the child find a way out of their problem. ”

She said that “we are also proud because one mother, a member of our organization, having two children of her own formal development, adopted two long-term children with disabilities. We’re talking about excess love. ”

The goal for 2020 is to create a short-lived hospitality area where children can stay and rest provided they socialize, but mainly give the family a breather.

“The goal is also to reopen the supported living roof and we want the Municipality of Volos to hear and review us so that we can put the supported living roof back on,” he said.

For her part, Ms. Matoula Nanou, Specialist Education Specialist and mother of 4 children, Thomas, Occupational Therapist, Michael, 10-year-old, Fanouris, 10, and Maria, 5, with two older children being biological and both smaller sponsors with the institution of long-term care, stressed that “children with disabilities need a series of interventions, in addition to the love that is needed, travel, treatments. They cannot evolve into an institutional space. A family can support them. ”

Mrs Matoula Nanou and her husband Apostolis Zisis, a mathematician, have had Fanouris close to 9 months and Maria 3 months, ‘with two children having difficulties, Fanouris with 59% disability, while Maria is in better shape. ”

She noted that she was encouraged by the fact that she was abandoned: “All children have the right to have a family. Children with disabilities must definitely have a family. The occasion was Fanouris. When the first one was almost dead, so I didn’t think much of it. It was an impulse, an explosion of love. ”

“My husband is a companion and assistant. Without him I could do nothing, ”he added.

“Those who have love let us open their arms to these children and they will be compensated. These kids are angels. Beyond the difficulties, there are some great times. Thanks, too, my children. I believe that Thomas is no coincidence that he became a occupational therapist and deals with children with severe disabilities, ”he said.

Source: https://e-thessalia.gr/