Students at St. Spiridon special school share ‘free hugs’ at Larnaca Airport (Video)

A nice surprise awaited Larnaca Airport travelers and employees.

On the occasion of World Hug Day, students of the special school of St. Spyridon offered one-time free hugs to everyone. Some gladly accepted this beautiful children’s initiative, others were still a little hesitant.

The biggest antidote to integration is in the … arms

According to Carnegie Mellon University of America, the largest reactive compound is in the lap. It is essentially a “natural” vitamin that takes the body away from it.

It also improves Alzheimer’s disease. A simple hug can improve the health of people with Alzheimer’s. Embracing them makes them happier, reduces depression and helps them become more social with those around them.

As for couples, by encouraging trust between them and helping them to bond more. Embracing or simply holding our partner’s hand, reduces its intensity and harmful physical effects. The hug certainly helps to get a better relationship.

Give us a hug we all need to improve our soul, mood, and day!