Xiouruppas: The Legend of the Stadiums and Life …

Yesterday, OMONIA’s veteran soccer player, Panikos Xiouroupas, found himself with his teammate in the ALPHA Cyprus “Delivery at Home” show!

Vasiliki Chatziadamou welcomed in the studio the President of the Association for the Support of Children with Special Abilities “Life Sunbeam” Mr. Paniko Xiouroupas, in a deposition-soul show that touches and revives the glorious moments of football.

The now popular veteran footballer, unfolding unknown and sensitive chapters of his life, shares thoughts and emotions, while at the same time not hesitating to participate in games and trials! What was it that gave him the mental power to create and offer people with special abilities?

What first to say about this man who, through the hardships that his life was going to bring him, not only did not bend but found the psychic reserves next to the children of the Sunlight. His second home as he has mentioned many times.

Source: alphanews.live