“With your help I can dream. I owe it to myself ”(PHOTO)

18-year-old Dimitris Kleanthous from Nicosia suffers from cerebral palsy and seeks financial support to be able to travel to the US for surgery that will improve his mobility.

The amount of money needed is estimated at 100 thousand euros. A Facebook page has already been created with the title “Be my ally – Dimitris Kleanthous” in order to raise money.

What Dimitris is asking for, is a better future.

“I did several neurological and orthopedic surgeries without any noticeable improvement. Medicine has progressed over the years and there are two interventions in America that promise to improve my mobility. The only thing that saddens me is that the amount of money I need is estimated at 100,000 euros and my family can’t afford it. I have the courage to ask for your help and financial support so that I will have the opportunity to travel and intervene to improve my mobility and have a better future.

Source: alphanews.live