When she complained to her husband he forcefully cut her hands with an axe – Today is a model of strength

The news came about two years ago: A jealous husband was convicted and lost custody of his two sons because he cut his wife’s two hands with an ax. He believed he was cheating on her because he had asked for a divorce and he reacted in the worst possible way.

26-year-old Dmitriy Grachev, a psychologist in the profession, went to his 25-year-old wife in the woods outside the Serpukhov district west of Moscow, and tried to get her to admit he had cheated on her.

When she did not give him a satisfactory answer, she took an ax and cut off both hands. He was then taken to the hospital with irreversible bleeding and turned himself in to the police.

The woman underwent a 10-hour operation. One hand managed to put it back in place and make it functional. Her right hand, however, was replaced by a bionic prosthetic hand, after raising money for it through charity.

As Iliada Evangelia Kothra writes in her post, “Margarita Gracheva travels all over Russia today trying to awaken the world and authorities to violence, she wrote a book, and she speaks on state television about this.

Her case was quite extreme and this led to her husband being sentenced to 14 years in prison, which would not have happened if she had not repeatedly talked about her martyrdom in the media.

Many things have changed legally – and will continue to change – in the meantime for the protection of women in Russia and all this has happened – and – by her own courage and power. ”

If there is anything we need to learn from the above story of this terrible woman and mother who through the nightmare she lived found the power to voice against domestic violence, how important it is to talk!

If this woman, after all she has been through, has managed to speak openly and be a role model today, then any woman can!

And one more thing: Love NEVER involves physical and verbal violence.

Source: infokids.gr