An entire neighbourhood has learned to communicate with deaf neighbour

Muharrem is a deaf man from Constantinoupoli and received a huge surprise from his neighbours as they learned to talk to him!

A group of people from the well-known Samsung company, along with an ad, spent a whole month setting up cameras and teaching residents of that neighbourhood the meaning.

On the day that the surprise happened, his sister, Ozlem, went out for a walk with him and Muharrem was surprised that so many people turned to him for signage. Even the taxi driver who took them spoke to them gesturing and Muharrem might be wondering what was going on, but his sister knew about the surprise.

When they reached the main square, the man was surrounded by his neighbours, who were talking to him in sign, and his reactions, recorded by the cameras, made the words superfluous. This proves once again how important it is to put walls into communication, but also how essential it can be to some people for their daily lives.