‘Children from the Stars’: Natasa Bofiliou voices new book-cd written by blind students

Natasa Bofiliou interprets the cd songs that accompany the children’s book “Children from the Stars” written by the children of the Special Kindergarten, the Special Elementary School for the Blind Kallitheas, the Special Elementary School for the Blind KEAT, and which is published by the Publications.

This is a great book about accepting diversity, the importance of dreaming and believing in yourself that is worth reading for every child.

Let us know the story of the book “Children by Stars”

Young children are starting to dream. “When I grow up I want to be …” They are dreaming of the profession they want to do, for everything they want to achieve tomorrow in their lives, and it is very important to believe in themselves.

Students from Special Schools at the Center for the Education and the Rehabilitation of the Blind (KEAT) in Kallithea were inspired and wrote a story about the dreams and goals of children, as part of the literacy program. Aimed at playing the game of dreams and goals, and wanting to free children’s thinking from the usual process of “making” stories, they sought out spoken words and used liberating techniques for thought and imagination.

Natasa Bofiliou accepted the invitation of the children, without a second thought to interpret the songs of the CD in lyrics by Lili Gati while Yannis Bostanjoglou and Christos Baltas tell the tale with their warm voices.

Source: infokids.gr