11-year-old Constantina left from cancer but left behind a wonderful book she wrote!

A tragic and at the same time moving story has come to light in the last few hours about a gorgeous girl who passed away a few months ago in her 11-year life, defeated by cancer.

The reason for Konstantina Anagnostopoulou, from Ioannina, who during her fight with the “beast” managed to complete her entire book entitled “Dreams Disappeared”.

The book will be presented on Sunday 24/11 at 11am at the Ioannina Spiritual Center, with proceeds from the sale going to the Parents’ Association of Children with Neoplastic Disease “Flame”.

“Start doing whatever you can or dreaming you would like to do.”

Constantinas parents, Rania Georgiou and Vassilis Anagnostopoulos, who helped their little daughter capture her thoughts and words by writing what dictated them to a laptop, talked to Espresso about their adventure and about the 11-year-old book, which “is the spiritual child of our daughter and gives us courage and joy”:

“Constantina started her story at the age of eight. She had an idea and wrote her thoughts on a piece of paper and read them to us. Then I suggested that she dictate them to me and write them on the computer. At one point, she left the fairy tale in the middle and caught it again shortly after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor on July 17, 2018. We were in Germany and had a hemiplegic surgery, lost her speech, thought … Slowly she began to she goes back and wants to continue the tale, not of course with the same wealth of storytelling as she had lost much of her vocabulary. Every day she was sitting in her tram and half an hour away she was speechless, inaudible, uneasy as she contemplated the continuation of the story. She was thrilled and last year she managed to finish her tale. ”

As the father revealed, the 11-year-old wanted to do the illustration herself and sketched the four main characters: which left us last June. ”

Mr. Anagnostopoulos pointed out that the tale refers to a fantastic state in Space, the Land of Dreams.

“There the good queen Galina rules, who had imprisoned the nightmares and everyone was happy. But her evil brother, Megaleneus, managed to take the throne and scatter nightmares, plunging the inhabitants into malice. Two little girls devised a plan and liberated Queen Galina. ”

In the fairy tale, Constantine has written emotionally and instructively: “Start doing whatever you can or dreaming you would like to do. Boldness gives intelligence, magic and power. Only then can you go to the land of dreams. ”

Source: www.infokids.gr