“A heavy case of autism do you know what it is? To die little by little every day … “

On the occasion of the tragic news of the murder and subsequent suicide of a young woman in Pefki, at noon on Thursday 2/1, and after everything shows that the mother has not borne the enormous psychological burden of raising a child with severe autism, the author Katerina Koutoukaki , a mother and herself of a different child, wrote a shocking text that opens our eyes and mind …

“What happened to the children?
Did we remember the baby mother’s  differently?
Ta… ta… ts…
Going To Fall From The Balcony ?????
But why;;;;;;;
After the state gives her 310 euros a month and a 700 euro bonus for her stamina, she managed it by 2019!
Care, protection, knowledge, support and a bag of pills each need to endure, not the misfortune of bringing a different child into the world, but the misfortune of having been born in Greece itself.
And don’t tell me about beaches, blue seas and wetlands today, about souvlaki, hospitality and ancient cultures because I would go crazy and not want it.
Kafris are my gentlemen and ladies!
And this is no longer hidden.

I have a lot of stitches on the fur of all the socio-political players, but at some point in my life, I decided that we were alone on this path and I didn’t get involved, staying away and keeping silent. Not by acceptance, but by disgust.

I left my anger behind and focused on what we can do on our own.

One mother threw her child off the balcony and she fell as well….
Another years ago he did the same on a cliff in some part of Greece …
You won’t remember it for sure….

And I’m not allowed to revive it myself …
Moms will fall back from the balconies, as much as the banana we live in, for all it boasts is of its ancient, souvlaki and greek islands.

Severe autism incident do you know what it is?
To die little by little every day….
To sink in without the hope of being saved…
No why … no end …
Unless you put an end to it yourself.

May God rest the souls who have thus exchanged their colors in this life. ”

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Τι έγινε παιδιά;Θυμηθήκαμε τις μανούλες με παιδάκια διαφορετικά;Τς… τς… τς…Ντροπή!Να πάει να πέσει από το…

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Katerina Koutoukaki Michelaki στις Παρασκευή, 3 Ιανουαρίου 2020

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