They have joined an elderly home and kindergarten and the result is moving

An original social experiment took place in Seattle, USA. which brings joy to the elderly as well as the children. Specifically, in St. Vincent decided to house a nursing home with a kindergarten and the result is amazing.

It is a fact that about 43% of the elderly experience social exclusion. However in Seattle they decided to change that. So the 400 nursing home seniors get together daily with preschoolers at the Inter-generational Learning Center, talking and playing with them.

The goal of the program is to make it possible for young children to get used to the image of older people, to adapt to diversity, to accept people with disabilities and not to be afraid of older people.

But this has multiple benefits, not only for children but also for the elderly. Despite their advanced age, they do not hesitate to play, sing and rejoice with children, who could, moreover, be their grandchildren.

Their participation in this program increased their self-esteem and they felt they had value again. They were given the opportunity to impart some of their knowledge and the opportunity to become role models for young people.

The whole initiative has been welcomed with great enthusiasm. In fact, a documentary on the whole project entitled “Present Perfect” will soon be released in the media.