The little sweet courageous princess!

Little sweet Tanna is the most courageous princess!

When he was 14 months old, in May 2019, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, a bilateral Wilms tumor, meaning that cancer was present in both kidneys.

Tanna first received 12 weeks of chemotherapy which unfortunately did not work – the tumors even increased in size during treatment. He then underwent a seven-hour tumor removal surgery on August 20.

The surgeons removed the entire right kidney and 2/3 of the left kidney. She then received 12 weeks of ‘clearing’ preventive chemotherapy with her last chemotherapy on November 20th.

But Tanna did it !!! is cancer free!

She is a brave little warrior who never cried, endured the sting, the serums and all the hospitalizations!

This takes great courage for such a young child.

Never give up a princess you are a fighter you have proved it! 💛💪 ️🎗️

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Sweet little Tanna is the most courageous princess! At 14 months old, she was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer, a Bi-Lateral Wilms Tumor, which means the cancer was present on both kidneys, on May 27th, 2019. Tanna first received 12 weeks of chemotherapy, which unfortunately didn't work – the tumors had actually grown during the treatment. She then had a 7-hour long surgery to remove the tumors, on August 20th. The surgeons removed her entire right kidney and two thirds (2 / 3 )of her left kidney. She then had 12 more weeks of preventative "clean up" chemotherapy, her least chemotherapy being on November 20th! She will have her port removed on December 17th. Tanna is cancer-free and a very special survivor – she never ever cried while having her port accessed! Now, that takes a lot of courage! Never ever give up, Princess warrior! 💛💪🎗#morethan4 Tanna's page: @bravelittlespoons #tannastrong #survivor #cancersurvivor #cancerfree #wilmstumor #kidneycancer #prayers #prayer #prayersneeded #ihatecancer #cancer #childhoodcancer #awareness #childhoodcancerawareness #chemotherapy #surgery #gogold #cancersucks #hope #warrior #fighter #brave #courageous

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