Eliminate fundraisers and increase benefits

Requests involving, inter alia, amending or repealing laws incompatible with modern approaches to disability issues, abolishing fundraising campaigns for persons with disabilities and their organizations, and increasing income for some groups of people with disabilities and their expansion to other groups of citizens, submitted yesterday to the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis, a delegation of the Cyprus Confederation of Disability Organizations during a meeting the Presidential Palace.

Four ministers were present at the meeting, the Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works and the Minister of Health. In a statement after the meeting, Deputy Government Spokesman Panagiotis Sentonas said that “the Government’s intention is to have ongoing dialogue with organizations that deal with and work on the issues of our people with disabilities.”

“The President of KYSOA presented the positions of the organization on the various issues that concern her, while the Ministers responded to all that was put in place and the intention is to continue this dialogue at the level of Ministries,” Mr Sedonas said. .

For his part, KYSOA President Christakis Nikolaidis said in his statements that this was the first meeting of its kind and extent in the 45-year history of the organized movement of people with disabilities in which they have submitted in particular to the President of the Republic. the views of people with disabilities and their families “on the chronic deficits of public accession policies” concerning them “and violations of inalienable, fundamental rights to participate and integrate” into the community.

Mr Nikolaidis underlined the need for the state to put in place a meaningful and in-depth consultation with the Confederation within the framework of the timetable to address the issues of people with disabilities and to reduce the gap in poverty and exclusion marginalization experienced by the majority of people with disabilities.

They also called for the abolition of fundraising campaigns for people with disabilities and their organizations “which degrade their dignity and offend people with disabilities, create a negative image of people with disabilities and expose our country internationally.”

They also called for the increase in existing benefits currently available to some groups of people with disabilities, regardless of their income and wealth, and to extend them to other groups of citizens such as those with autism, mental and intellectual disabilities, deaf people and etc.

Source: philenews.com