Without hands, with a big heart and a gold medal – When the willpower overcomes all difficulties

Ismail Zulfic was born without hands and with malformations in his legs. The difficulties he faces daily are innumerable. But his strength and perseverance are much greater!

Despite the adversity, he was involved in sports as this was his dream from a young age. Ismail from Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of 53 disabled children who are members of the Sarajevo Disability Athletes Team.

At first, it was difficult to socialize as she was quite shy. But then he found the courage to overcome his fear with the water and eventually become a savage swimmer. Persevering in his goal, Ismail took part in Balkan Games for Children with Disabilities and managed to win the gold medal.

Team coach Amel Kapo says: “I want to prove that people with disabilities can be different, but if you give them the opportunity, they can use their power and do great things.”

Source: enimerotiko.gr