Girl left piggy bank at a Larnaca institution, didn’t say a name and left

They are some acts so selfless, so pure and so beautiful that you can only bend to them. One of them made a girl in Larnaca on Christmas day.

He went to the Agios Georgios – Christaki Hassapi Foundation, which had issued a distress signal due to financial problems and asked for the person responsible. He found the caregivers, gave them a piggy bank, and by the time they turned their backs on him, the girl had disappeared.

“We were very moved by her act. Today we opened this piggy bank. It had banknotes and coins but mainly coins of one, two euros but of lesser value. When we measured them it was 438 Euros and 85 cents. Thank you very much. It is an act to imitate. For her she was more important to help than to buy something for herself, “Ms. Kalogeris said.
Wanting to thank the youngest guardian angel of the institution, President of the Board of Directors Michalakis Mallas wrote on his facebook account:
“On Christmas Day we were visited by an unknown girl (foreign nationality). She left us her piggy bank, € 438.85. We don’t even know her name. A big thank you to everyone from the Saint George-Christakis Hassapis Foundation. Well done for her act and God with her. ”