A woman with cancer married the love of her life 18 hours before she died

Heather and David’s story makes even the toughest to bend. Two young people who met, loved, and decided to share their lives until their deaths. The fate of course had completely different designs for the couple from Connecticut.

Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. Their wedding was scheduled for December 30, 2017. However, the girl relapsed and had to be hospitalized. She was afraid she would not live until the day she got married.

So the love of her life, David, decided they had to get married in the hospital on December 23. The photo of the dying bride is shocking.

She wears her wedding dress, has her wedding bouquet on her feet, and lifts her arms high above her joy while wearing the oxygen mask on her face.

Eighteen hours later, her heart stopped beating. But during those 18 hours she lived as Mrs. Mosher, she was happy. Her funeral took place on Saturday (30/12). Tragically, it was the day she originally planned her wedding.