Saint George Christakis Hassapis Foundation in Larnaca has been saved thanks to the intervention of the people and the Minister of Labor

The immediate response of the people, organizations and the Minister of Labor, Mr. Zetas Emilianianidou, helped to resolve the financial problems and eventually save the Christakis Hashapi Foundation in Larnaca which mainly acts for children with severe condition as physical and mental disabilities who were at risk days to put a padlock.

The Foundation’s Board Chairman, Mr. Michalakis Mallas, said that “we have been given hope in recent days, and after seeing the financial problems facing our foundation, we have experienced a moving wave of solidarity. Citizens, companies, political parties, organizations and even other charities have stood by us, giving Saint George Christakis Hassapis Foundation the hope of survival The intervention of the Minister of Labor, Zeta Aimilianidou, was a catalyst. Upon her visit to the institution, she approved an additional thirty thousand euro sponsorship which was like that Santa Claus came to our institution. Following the emotional response of the people all over Cyprus, the Minister of Labor approved an additional 30,000 Euro grant. He also gave us the promise that he would do whatever he could to continue his work. He told us that in 2020 the sponsorship would be even greater. With this sponsorship we will strive to upgrade the services to the children of our institution. I would like from the bottom of my heart to thank both the Minister of Labor and the common people who embraced our effort. ” I would like to thank even the media outlets for joining us, ”said Michalakis Mollas, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The institution is home to 17 children, ten of whom are staying overnight. It has costs totaling € 380,000 per year. “The response from the people was great and it exceeded our expectations. It touched us very much. Schools, companies, organizations, parties and even the Central Bank of Cyprus have sent us donations. One of the most moving contributions was the goal in life.

His vice-president, Panikos Xiouroupas, who happens to be president of the Sunlight Life Foundation, has preferred to give us money instead of his own because we have more needs, “Mr Malls said. The Foundation’s History The Saint George-Christakis Hassapis Foundation, since 1992, is a registered charity, housed in a dilapidated building of the old home of the Holy Metropolitan of Kiti for seventeen years. Since 2000 it has been operating on a 24-hour basis. There are three programs available: At the Day Center, children with disabilities from 3 and up are admitted, open from 7.30am to 4pm Monday through Friday. At the Children’s Home, children from 3 to 18 years old are accepted for stays. At the Adult Roof, children 18 years and older are admitted for gender-based accommodation.