4 young Greeks with autism who nobody hires them open their own business in Athens

Young people with autism – a snack business: This is a group of young people with disabilities who sell cereal bars in Athens. After graduating from specialized vocational training laboratories, they set up 3S School Synergy Snacks, with the help of their parents and teachers.

The members of the team are Giannis Hatziaragiriou, Eleni Alberto, Michalis Sideris and Giorgos Vradis. Their products are cereal bars with sesame, almonds, peanuts, olives and honey.

Young people with autism – a snack business: John’s mother, Vaso Evangelos, explains this initiative

“In Greece today, doing business is hard anyway. But even more difficult is for people with many limitations and intellectual difficulties. The same goes for those who stand by them. The ones that are their minds and their voices.

They are mainly employed in family or family-friendly businesses. Only in recent years have some CSEs been incorporated into vulnerable social groups. Even then, however, the jobs offered are disproportionate. New people with disabilities do not find the place they want to work.

Although the legislature envisaged social cooperative enterprise to facilitate the integration of people with disabilities and the safeguarding of their right to work, which is an essential element of human dignity, bureaucracy and responsibility are well-kept, making our lives sometimes difficult. ».

Young people with autism – Vaso Evangelou: “They make us proud every day”

“It’s a tasty and healthy product and a team of young people who make us proud every day. Taboo will always exist, but based on ignorance or lack of information. Fortunately, we live in times when society is more open and the idea of ​​employing people with disabilities is not utopian.

In this case, synergies with other bodies are needed to enhance and promote the capabilities of people with disabilities. The kids even dream of trying out Yannis Antetokoumou from their bars! Who else can better symbolize that what seems impossible can become a reality with work and vision? ”

Young people with autism – Eleni Alberto: “We thank those who support us”

Eleni Alberto, a member of the business, says: “Although my life was difficult, I managed to achieve what my soul wanted. A baking – pastry degree that gave me some supplies and the privilege of continuing my career professionally. The difficulties we face with my team make us stronger and bring us closer to achieving our goals. We thank those who support us in this beginning. ”

Source: enimerotiko.gr