Sotiris Neophytou: A young man full of dreams and ambition

Although Sotiris suffers from spastic cerebral palsy from an early age, he had a high goal in his life.

Having always supported by his mother who saw that her child had many opportunities, so she decided to start the process to properly comment. So they got to know Andri who evaluated Sotiris and found that he had the background to go very high.

Then intensive lessons started together. The difficulties were many as the material was large enough and most had never been taught. In order to cope with it, they read it verbally many times, because it did not read or write. Nevertheless, Sotiris, with his perseverance and excellent memory, managed to pass to the University of Cyprus in the field of Sociology.

He is also very high on the bar as he completes his studies to pursue a Masters in Educational Psychology in order to help young and old.

As she has said, “Through children you can practice” art therapy “especially when characters are closed, you can bring their emotions out with a plan. People with disabilities are generally unacceptable and accessible to society as a whole, so if they are not given the opportunity now that they are young children, then they will continue to live a life in which they are trapped and marginalized. ”

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou (AbleBook)