“Shave and enrich the Mayor” (PHOTO)

A total of 900 euros were raised by the shaving of Livadia Mayor Marios Armeni, to support PASYKAF Larnaca.

In a written announcement from the Livadia Municipality, it was stated that “the event entitled” Sharpen and enrich the Mayor “was held yesterday at the Agios Savvas Spiritual Center, aimed at augmenting the PASYKAF Larnaca and organized by a team of Loudonis Men’s Hairdressing Larnaca.

The Mayor’s shaving, “which remained unopened for three weeks, was accompanied by violin, lute and poems. A crowd of people rushed to the event, contributing and enhancing PASYKAF Larnaca and the services it provided and, overall, the mayor of Livadia raised the sum of 900 euros.

The event also involved cutting, combing and shaving for those interested, while several young women offered their hair to become wigs.

Overall the event raised more than 1,200 euros given to PASYKAF Larnaca.

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou (AbleBook)

Source: alphanews.live