A kid spent two years saving to buy his best mate a wheelchair

Witnesses of an incredible movement witnessed hundreds of students and professors at Caddo Hills High School in Arkansas, USA, as a 17-year-old student donated an electric wheelchair to his colleague, with the money he had been collecting for two years.

Turner Wilson put aside his daily pocket money as well as money from various pursuits for his parents and neighbors in order to collect a considerable sum to buy his trolley, Brandon Kowals, the electric trolley as the latter was forced to move his trolley with his hands to and from school.

The teenager’s emotional initiative sparked a wave of praise on social media, and the purchase of the wheelchair required the generous contributions of his parents and several other classmates who, when they learned of Wilson’s intentions, rushed to help him. holy “that purpose.

In fact, the school management where the two friends are attending has made public the huge initiative of the student, citing that such moves are a stark example of altruism and social outreach and sensitivity.

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou (AbleBook)

Source: diaforetiko.gr