Maria Psoma: “Walking by the Power of the Soul” (VIDEO)

Maria Psoma has been confronted with her disability from the very first day she was born and lives and is still living with it.

It suffers from Spina Bifida, or biliary spine as the disease is known in Greek, which literally means ‘slit spine’, and is characterized by inadequate spine development or abnormality in its formation, causing partial or total paralysis.

It is a very rare disease, as only 8 in 10,000 newborns can cure it. Maria, one of them, did her first surgery when she was just 40 days old, to close the slit with which she came into the world, and 47 years later, she tells us about the life struggle she is giving from that day.

Although it is as if she was born with half a body, since the bottom of her body is essentially as if it did not exist, for this very fact, it has never been a deterrent.

Her stubbornness, persistence and love for life were much stronger than her motor problem, so she managed to get her life in hand and today she is giving us life lessons.

“I was born with a kinetic problem , fortunately, because it’s so difficult when you get it afterwards”

As powerful as it may have been, however, the course was not easy. The problems she faced allowed her to enter elementary school at 8. Upon graduation, she entered the Nicosia Disability Center where she lived indoors for 25 years.

At 30 she started night school with the sole purpose of getting a high school diploma to open her wings and live a more independent life. Seven years later she made it, and her diploma became the passport for her new life. In 2009, she got a job at the Nicosia Hospital as a telephone operator, where she works to this day. Her life is completely changed, she leaves the Disability Center and decides to stay alone for the first time.

With a special car for people with disabilities he was able to move on his own without dependence on anyone. However, the means that bestowed on her “freedom” managed to lock her in a wheelchair once and for all after a serious car accident involved her.

However, he did not put them down, he continues to work and live on his own and treats life with a smile and optimism. One Friday morning we opened her house and within a few blocks we met another world. Maria has her own day-to-day life, which while she may resemble the lives of all others, is very different at the same time.

Even the simplest things for Maria are not that easy … We went for a walk in the city together and showed us the Golgotha she faces whenever she needs to get out of the house. She talked to us about the racism she is experiencing and the way she is treated by the world.

“I’m physically handicapped, not spiritually … Wheelchair sadly scares”

So for you to attend this debate, I wish the next time you meet a wheelchair-bound person you don’t look at him strangely, and make him feel uncomfortable! He is a man as capable as you, and the worst you can do is show him compassion. Why do you know, people with all kinds of disabilities hate that …

A! And one last thing …. The next time you consider leaving your car in a parking lot for the disabled or in the middle of a pavement (albeit briefly), think about how you’re going to make life difficult for Maria, and for every Maria. “, still more!

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou (AbleBook)