“I see disability as if it didn’t exist in my life” (VIDEO)

A unique and rare girl who was born with severe vision problems and has undergone 40 surgeries. What are her complaints to the State and what great music composer wrote her a song?

On Saturday December 14th at 9:15 pm, journalist Constantine Constantinou introduces us to 28-year-old Nikoleta Livadioti and she in turn guides us into the world of music and song.

“” Disabled “are only those who have not yet managed to treat all people equally …”. This is also one of the strong messages she will convey, while she is also preparing to apologize to her own people …

Although he has only 10% vision, she manages to look at life with the eyes of the soul and the heart! She finds a way out through the melodies and lyrics and struggles daily to find her place in society, as she deserves, in addition, to every human being. Nicoletta lives with her bio-parents in the Forest of Achna, and she unfolds her life, her experiences and her complaints from society and the State authorities.

She is a woman of sensitivities who has fallen several times, but he is finally convinced and is an example of effort and strength! We know Nicoletta and the people who support her, including her parents, and her grandmother. Why does she apologize to her own and what are her dreams for life?

Directed by George Daouli, “24 Hours” also comes with the excellent music composer Aristos Moschovakis who was captivated by Nicoletta’s talent and wrote for her the song “Under the Same Sky”.

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou (AbleBook)

Source: alphanews.live