Teacher adopts her pupil with Down syndrome after his mother died from breast cancer

Jake Manning is a boy with Down syndrome who recently lost his single mother, Jean Manning, from breast cancer.

But he found his angel guardian in the face of his teacher, Kerry Bremmer, who decided to adopt him. Bremmer said he “fell in love with Jake immediately” when he first met him four years ago. The same year, when his mother’s health began to deteriorate, she thought, “What will she do?” Then the teacher decided to devise a plan B with her husband, Dave, in case the worst-case scenario was verified.

She then made an incredible suggestion to Jean: “If you need an alternative plan for Jake, our family will be happy to join him.” Jake’s mother then replied, “Tonight I’ll sleep better than I’ve slept in too long.”

Gradually, Jake began spending time with Kerry, Dave, and their three children, Kaitlyn, Kristen and Jonathan, who embraced the boy affectionately. Dave recalls: “When we decided to adopt him and met him, he said, ‘Are you dad? Are you Dave the dad? ”

After Jean’s recent death, after another round of chemotherapy, Jake said: “My mom went to heaven. It will always be in my heart. ” Kerry, though deeply hurt by the loss of that woman, immediately welcomed the orphan boy into her home, commenting that “Jean will continue to live in this house with us.” The family launched a fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform to start with their increased needs.

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Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou(AbleBook)

Source: diaforetiko.gr