Little Antonis returned to Cyprus

His story was moving and still moving. Mikros Antonis, Antonis of Cyprus, who from the early years of his life struggled to live, returned with his family to our island. The little fighter of life, after receiving the gene therapy at Boston Children’s Hospital and all the appropriate examinations that followed, returned to Cyprus stronger, returned a winner.

This morning at 7am we greeted the little hero at Larnaca International Airport, where he was received by an ambulance who took him directly to his home to rest after the transatlantic trip.

The mother of young Antony, with tears of joy and emotion shortly after their arrival, wanted to thank all the citizens who came to her support, the people who stood by her, as well as the state that took care of all the expensive medical expenses and in particular the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Christina Giannakis, who was with them from the first moment, while she welcomed little Antonis and his family at Larnaca International Airport.

His parents all the time, through the page “For Antony with Love” informed about the journey of the little fighter in Boston around the world who supported the effort in every way possible.

Panagiotis-Rafael, who continues with the treatments given to him from November 21, was accompanied by little Antonis on the journey of “life”. Since then, optimism has returned to the family, following the latest developments. While a message of hope for the health of young Antonis and Panagiotis-Rafael was sent by Dr. Vassilis Darras, who is undergoing treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou(AbleBook)