Antigone, Georgia and the other 15 children that are not self-evident

Antigone, Georgia, Maria, Kyriakos and thirteen other children are the foodies of the Saint George-Christakis Hassapis Foundation, which has been operating in Larnaca since 1992. There are 17 children at risk of being left homeless.

For most of us, most, like our natural needs, are self-evident. But not for these kids. For these children, who are trapped in adult bodies, nothing is obvious. Even to go to the toilet, even to drink water someone needs to remind them. This is because they all have severe physical and mental disabilities.

So no one can explain to them that the institution, which has been hosting them for so many years, is in danger of being locked. And no one can predict what they will get, especially the kids staying overnight at the institution.

This is the second time that the board of directors of the foundation has engaged in a titanium fight to save it. He also risked 2013 and saved the world at his own pace. Just before 2020, and as our country announced its remarkable 3.2% growth rate, the institution is in danger again.

Have a great day tomorrow
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are decisive days for the Saint George Christakis-Hassapis Foundation, as its survival will depend.

“Tomorrow the road fundraising begins, which we do once a year. It will take place on Saturday and Sunday. This year, however, is a special year for us because our institution is in danger. He was in danger again in 2013 but again saved the world, thank you very much. Please, when people find volunteers on the street, please do not hesitate to help us. Even 50 cents is a big help to us, “the foundation’s director Eleni Kalogeris told REPORTER.
“Our institution has been working for a long time with many problems and we are trying to survive. We rely on the help of the world, because with the sponsorship we receive from the state, unfortunately we cannot survive. Our institution is in danger of being closed. We currently serve 17 people. From these 10 nights, we host them at the facility where our needs are very high. The number may be small, however, in order to be able to serve these people properly they need a lot of money. Our expenses are around 380 thousand Euros per year. The state gives us 95 thousand sponsorships, 140 thousand are from the food of individuals, where a large amount is left, about 140 thousand. We do events, fundraisers, bargains and get some funeral donations.¬†Without the world we could not survive. ”

The dramatic appeals by members of the foundation seem to have moved Labor Minister Zeta Emilianidou, who promised to reconsider the amount of sponsorship the institution will receive,¬†“Following our call for help, the Minister of Labor visited the institution and promised to help. Under the law, by decision of the Council of Ministers, the Minister is given the right to pay 50% of our expenses. In the last ten years we have been granted only 30% of our expenses. Last year it was 27%, “said the foundation’s chairman, Michalakis Mallas.

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou(AbleBook)