Dedicated to children battling cancer … God empower them to come out victorious (VIDEO)

An animation of just 3 minutes for childhood cancer touches the internet. The video tells the story of Nina, a young but brave girl who finally manages to beat cancer by caring for and encouraging people who love her, with the support of her family, her friends, and the entire hospital team !

The song “Heart Full Of Love” is heard throughout

The short film has no words, but throughout it sounds the song “Heart Full Of Love” written exclusively for the purposes of the film, and is interpreted by Rebecca Peters. It is worth pointing out the message that is highlighted at the end of the animation and is “Love is greater than fear”.

The moving animated video entitled “Love never disappoints us” was created on behalf of Cancer De Barretos Hospital in Sοo Paulo, Brazil, an internationally renowned children’s cancer treatment center.

This hospital was renamed the Hospital of Love with the aim of highlighting the therapeutic importance of love and affection. Fighting cancer is easier when the person is surrounded by love. Seeing the patient as having people around him who love and care for him takes strength, hope.

February 15th is a special day where the whole planet is bowing to modern heroes, children battling day and night with childhood cancer.

Each year, more than 150,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, while those in Greece are estimated at 280-300. This makes cancer the first cause of death in children in developing countries, and the second in developed countries.

Pediatric cancer works and is treated differently than adult cancer. The overall process, starting with the diagnosis, is extremely stressful and psychoactive for young fighters. Even for the children who are healed, the battle is not over.

“The toughest battle begins … Pray to God to come out victorious! When there is so much love, miracles happen … That’s why I live after all this … and now I promise you I will fight … like never before … with a smile, power, stubbornness and optimism. ”

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou (AbleBook)