Trikala: Electric scooters for the disabled, make the lives of people with disabilities easier

Barcelona perfume in the municipality of Trikala. According to information from the Municipality of Trikala, actions were presented under the European program Cities4people. This program takes place in Oxford, Hamburg, Istanbul and Budapest. It is about improving mobility through many innovative ideas and support tools. With new applications, the city will change and new conditions will be created. Treaties that will be more improved and affect all citizens.

Disabled: Electric scooters for wheelchairs!

It features a mechanism that converts the wheelchair into a scooter in just one move. Thus, the consumer will be able to perform their jobs more easily and in less time. The Trikkai Municipality assists people with disabilities to receive this electronic mechanism. This is done if the citizen gives his / her information and signs a relevant document.

Disabled: Object storage cabinets

Designing cabinets in Trikala. Storage to lock one’s belongings. They are given to citizens of the city of Trikala or tourists and come in various sizes. A yellow bike is also provided to facilitate commuting.

Disabled: Tricala with Barca perfume

On June 23, 2019, children of all ages will gather in the central square of Trikala. There, there will be a big celebration of football.

Article translated from Greek by Lampros Yiangou (AbleBook)